5 Surprising Wedding Traditions

There are different types of traditions in weddings. The world is full of different cultures, from places in Asia to places in America.

Your wedding is very important so you should always choose the best tradition.

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Types Of Group Photos For Your Wedding

Wedding photos are the single most important thing in your day, that will hold memories and the one thing you will have left after the day is done. Choosing the right photographer is an integral part of your wedding planning.

Every bride and groom wants a group shot as it is one of the rare opportunities you get to have a photo of everyone one you love around you.

I will highlight on 3 types of group photos;

Family group photo

This includes immediate parents to the bride and groom, their siblings, grandparents and other relatives.

You can have photos of;

  • Bride with her mother; different shots from the beginning of the bride’s preparation.
  • Bride with her parents, groom with his parents, couple with each set and all together.
  • Groom’s parents and siblings, bride’s parents and siblings and all together.
  • Siblings only.
  • Both sets of grandparents, bride’s grandparents, groom’s grandparents.
  • Both sets of grandparents and parents.
  • All relatives.
  • All family members.

Formal/ wedding party group photo

This includes the maid of honor, best man, bride’s maids and groomsmen.

You can have photos of;

  • Entire wedding party.
  • Bride with bride’s maids and groom with bride’s maids.
  • Bride with groom’s men and groom with groomsmen.

General group photos

This will include everyone else attending the wedding.

You can have photos of;

  • Everyone in attendance.
  • Close friends’ photos.
  • All family and wedding party members


Make a list of all the group photos you want taken, to avoid missing a much wanted photo. Make sure the photos with grandparents, or those whose health isn’t so fit come first so they can be off their feet as quickly as possible.


Finally, have a plan and let everyone know their part to avoid or reduce the cart herding experience.


Secrets to Creating the Perfect Muslim Wedding Ceremony

weddingIncorporating your culture or religion in your wedding ceremony is one way of making your ceremony exciting. If you plan to have a Muslim wedding, consider all the rituals and requirements of an authentic Muslim wedding. This will help you make the right choices and plans. Consider the following tips when planning a Muslim Wedding.

  • Have prior knowledge of Muslim wedding rituals

An authentic Muslim wedding have mandatory rituals that flow in a certain way. You must learn this flow before the ceremony and prepare. Your family and religious leaders can help you in this if you have not attended any Muslim wedding before.

  • Choose the right venue

Limiting your wedding location to Muslim wedding venues will help you create a perfect ceremony. Having held so many Muslim weddings before, such service providers will help you incorporate all aspects of a Muslim wedding. Research and find the best large Asian London venue in your area or wedding destination.

Inform your guest of the theme in advance

Make sure your guests are aware of your wedding theme in good time so that they can dress and prepare accordingly. You may include your theme in your invitation cards.

  • Choose the right decorations and color

Your choice of wedding decorations and colors should portray your wedding theme. Seeking help from reliable service providers will help you make the right choices on décor and outfits for your Muslim wedding ceremony. Once you understand all aspects of a traditional Muslim wedding, you can creatively incorporate modern ideas in your décor and outfits.

  • Seek help

Organizing a Muslim wedding ceremony should not be a nightmare. Seek help from experienced wedding planners if you are stuck or unsure about all the aspects of such weddings. Wedding planners will help you pick the right outfits, venue, menu, and decorations for your Muslim wedding ceremony.

The secret to creating a perfect Muslim wedding ceremony is out. Take the advice and have your dream wedding!

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